Friday, 27 May 2016

How to Gain Visibility Through ASO

Having an app for your Chiropractic business will aid in your overall Chiropractic SEO and set you apart from your competitors.  The key is knowing how to fully utilize App Store Optimization, and gain the most amount of visibility for your patients and prospects.  When people are able to click through to your app, you are going to gain even more traffic and become that much more known and available on the web.

The App Store uses a specific algorithm, similar to what search engines use, in order to deliver the best possible search results.  As you are already aware from your Chiropractic SEO, keywords play an integral part in the search results process.  The same applies with ASO.  

It is important to do research ahead of time in order to choose the best possible keywords that will increase your overall visibility. 

Some factors to consider:

   What are your prospects looking for?
   How are prospects landing on your competitor’s apps?
   What will bring my business the most value?
   What are the most highly searched terms, and how can I plan my keywords around this?

Once you select your keywords and put them to use, make sure you are measuring the data in order to see how they are performing.  There are several tools that can help analyze your keywords, yield their statistics, and even offer additional words or phrases that could be used (i.e. AppAnnie or Sensor Tower).

A few other things that should be on the forefront of your mind when doing research on your keywords are the difficulty level, relevance, and searches.  The difficulty level refers to how much competition is out there for the same keywords.  Relevance refers to how much the keywords actually apply to your specific business.  It is important not to mislead people into thinking you are something you’re not.  Searches refers to the number of searches per week that your keywords are yielding.  Once you assess all of this data, remember that the most important keywords will be the ones with the highest search numbers and lowest amount of competition.

The most important thing to consider in gaining visibility through ASO is the title of your app.  The title should be short, to the point, highly descriptive, and still unique.  Most titles are around 25 characters.  The more you can make your title stand out, the more it will influence your ASO and overall ChiropracticSEO.

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